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Way of The Warrior: Battle with the Klingons

So I just rewatched Way of the Warrior for the first time in years. Watching the battle scene with the Klingons vs DS9 the station and later the Klingons vs the Starfleet Officers and Bajoran security forces. The Klingons got their asses whipped.

How does one of the fiercest races in the quadrant get smacked around that badly? I mean Worf, Sisko and Dax aside, but Kira getting stabbed in the back and still knocking out a Klingon warrior? Not to mention the Klingons can't seem to hit anything with their disruptors but Bajorans can hit them just fine with phasers.

I always felt the creative team of DS9 took too many liberties with Trek races for their stories. I am I over-analyzing the battle or did the DS9 team turn Klingons in to wimpy punchy bags?

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