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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ablative Armor.
B is for Big Boobs
C is for chronically alcoholic Chief Engineer
D is for Decker's unit.
E is for Enterprises from NX-01 to NCC-1701-E.
F is for Friendship One
G is for the Gorgan. He was Melvin Belli, you know.
H is for the Hotel Royale. Guests check in but they don't check out.
I is for Ilia, the sensual Deltan navigator.
J is for Jumja stick.
L is for Landru. The ultimate Good. The Body of his people.
M is for Mugatu. Don't let it bite you!
N is for Noona!! She looked even better with blonde hair on "It Takes a Thief".
O is for Orgasm. Kirk had one in the transporter room in This Side of Paradise.
P is for the Platonians.
Q is for Q
R is for the Romulans, one of humanity's oldest extraterrestrial adversaries.
S is for Seven of Nine.
T is for the Tzenkethi, a little spoken-of enemy of the Federation in the mid-to-late 24th century and one we've never actually seen.
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