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Re: Star Ship Polaris

My first reaction was, "Wow, it looks real." The scratches do add a great deal to making the ship look realistic.

However, on further study, I think they may be overdone. Also, I'm somewhat disappointed that the honeycomb on the landing craft heat shield is hard to see. I think the scorching (?) on the landing craft heat shield may be overdone.

What is the in-universe cause of the scratches supposed to be? In the case of the landing craft heat shield, scorching would be the cause of wear, right? But what about on the hull of the ship proper? Is it micrometeors, or what? While I wouldn't suggest getting too bogged down in mechanically simulating scratches for hyper-realism or anything like that, still I'm curious. The scratches should tell a story of some kind, and it might help to have an idea what that story it is, how they came to be there. For example, if it's chiefly micrometeors, then the scratches should tend to be aligned with the most probable direction at which the particles strike the ship, yes? Having them oriented in random directions might be incongruous with the cause. Then again, being too concerned with mechanical consistency could result in a finished model that doesn't appear realistic because it doesn't strike the right chords to the eye.

Still, this is remarkably impressive. I'm very impressed.
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