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August Art Challenge - Redfern

Kirk congratulates the 'Princess of Mars'.

While visiting the Olympus Mons shipyards, James Kirk takes in a bit of the local culture and attends a regional theater production, a Tai Chi rock opera stage adaptation of "A Princess of Mars". Afterwards, He takes the opportunity and pleasure to congratulate the lead actress, Aparna Sanchez, who performs the titular role.

Weird? Maybe, but no more bizarre than composing a rock opera based upon "War of the Worlds". Besides, this presenatation has a nearly nude princess.


Michael 2, Aiko 3, Opera stage...DAZ
Uniform elements, Kirk morph...XCalPro
Princess ensemble...LittleFox and Gareee
Kirk hair...Mylochka
Pon Farr arena...MDBruffy


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