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Re: Why was Sisko assigned to DS9?

It's amusing that you call it a "no brainer" and then list political and religous turmoil as reasons that it took longer to admit them. Bajor's government was a mess long before Opaka died. Nothing "no brainer" about it. Hell, the first time we see Kira she is screaming at some member of their provisional government. She didn't seem very hopeful.

For the record I could care less about this mythical "Admiral" it's just that you dismissed it so flippantly without much rationale. I'm just discussing the fact that I considered the magnitude of that responsibility and respect for the Bajoran people to warrant the appearance of a high ranking official showing that the Federation is taking their situation seriously. I am very familiar with the whole Emissary concept but if you are telling me that the prophets reach extends to Earth and they somehow are responsible for Starfleet choosing him then I respectfully disagree. We have only seen them operate inside the wormhole or through their orbs. It's quite possible that when Sisko arrived the Prophets simply said "he'll do."

The reason we didn't invite the Carassians that were "artsy" into the Federation is pretty simple, we just finished fighting them in a war and they would be involved in another one with us shortly.

Your last comment about discussing something that didn't happen because it would be pointless is somewhat ironic to someone posting on this board. In short, it's kind of what we do here.

Lastly, I don't know why you feel the need to preface every comment to me with some condescending comment like "you do realize that" or "you did see the series didn't you" or "you do remember that." I don't like to be shit on so stop it will ya.
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