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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I really wish I could move some of this STF loot to other toons so I could outfit them a little faster, or to share with friends/fleetmates:

I'm reluctant to just dump it all for dilithium in case I need it later, especially the purple stuff. The disproportionate rarity (at least for me) of purple engine tech is pretty astounding too. I do have a complete MACO XII space set already, so the lack of engine tech isn't bothering me (and even then, I use the borg engines).

Given how I've seen some people in zone chat and the STO forums complain about never getting purple drops I feel like I must be pretty fortunate in my loot bags, so I'm certainly not complaining about getting it, but outside of getting some more VA level ships on my main toon to gear out, I feel a bit like Smaug just guarding a stash of treasure because I have it.

I've been noticing a lot of low level ships in the fleet events this past week, like Oberths and Connies. I'm guessing they must be doing role play, because they can't be very effective in the swarms of enemy ships.
Generally once I get a full set of MACO and Omega Mk XII, I'ld trade in all the remaining Prototype Tech for dilithium. I also keep about 10-ish Prototype Borg Salvage around, "just in case" I need to outfit a new ship with good weapons.
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