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Re: Apple vs. Samsung Trial

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They'll probably go after Microsoft next. Particularly if the Surface tablet or Windows Phone starts to gain significant market share.

Seems like it's not really a loss for Samsung at the moment, if the verdict is likely to be appealed.

This is not the end. This verdict doesn't even matter in the long run. This was just another clash.

This case was going to be appealed, no matter who won, the second it started. This is just one more encounter on the case's way to the Supreme Court. Samsung has lost this skirmish, but not the war.
Why on earth would Apple sue Microsoft. Microsoft licenses Apple's technical patents. That's something Samsung refused to do with Apple (HTC, and Motorola also refused offers to license).

Samsung is in deep problem with this case, the issue isn't the money. Its the verdict. Sure the verdict can go up (they still have to wait for the judge to rule on tripling of damages, which is done when a company knowingly copies another's work). And it can get reduced on appeal. But its rare that a full jury verdict gets reversed.

And the money isn't the biggest issue, the verdict is. With the Verdict Appel should be easily able to in force bans on all products that were ruled. They can expand the case to any other product that uses those utility patents. THey also have one other case against Samsung about to start in the US over different utility patents. Due to this ruling, they can use the finding that Samsung knowingly copied another company's product. It makes it easier to find guilt in civil cases.

The also will be able to start going after the SIII.

As for Samsung of course they will appeal, but that wont stop a ban of their products. It wont stop the verdict being known in the other case. And it will put the company into a position where it might finally decide maybe we should start to license Apple's technical patents.

This is want happened with Microsoft, Microsoft took a couple companies to trial, and started winning, that then pushed most of the players in the smart phone business to pay a license to Microsoft to license their technical smart phone patents like Apple has done from the get go of their iphone.

And as it stands now Microsoft make more of those licenses then they do selling Smart Phones.

The problem with Android as opposed to any other phone operating system and why companies have been very reluctant to buy license agreements is that those agreements seriously cut into their profit making ability. They all fight one another to undercut the other, making it a race to the bottom (which also has happened for decades with Windows computers).
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