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Re: Study Sees Continued Decline in Overall Credibility of News Media

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How is this at all hard to understand?
Actually, I understand perfectly. You're a liberal. Therefore, the Times seems "middle of the road" to you. You're basically doing the same thing as the staffers discussed in the article.
Bullshit, I'm afraid. I'm liberal but I'm perfectly capable of seeing what does and doesn't have a liberal bias. MSNBC is massively biased towards the liberal side, for example
Yes. Massively. But that doesn't mean the NYT isn't also biased, albeit much less so.

The fact is that conservatives for years have decried anything that goes against their worldview.
While I fully admit this is not a scientific sample, I know far more conservatives who are willing to listen to or read center-left material than liberals who do so with center-right material.

It's not that the NYT is liberal, it's that it says things which are inconvenient for the conservative viewpoint.
The problem is that, lately, you are getting a certain number of liberals or moderates, often in the media themselves also saying that they've let their biases get the better of them. There's the outgoing NYT editor, cited above.

Here's the bottom line: you saying you're not biased or the NYT isn't because you're/it's not as bad as MSNBC would be like me saying I'm not biased because I'm better than Glenn Beck. That doesn't disprove bias. If anything it shows a bias.
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