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Re: Why was Sisko assigned to DS9?

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The summary of your argument is essentially this.

The Bajorans don't offer a lot and wow they sure are a needy bunch. "Hey Sisko, can you go over there and just admit them into the Federation. You got this man."
I could sum up your argument, but I try not to make a habit of telling people what they are saying. And apparently, they did think he had it. They sent him, didn't they?

Anyway, my main argument was that it was his destiny to be there and to be the Emissary of the Bajoran people. His rank wasn't as much of an issue as sending him was. Again, UoT, it was his destiny, and theirs too.

Do you think the Federation is the kind of organization that only admits members into the Federation based off of their ability to add to their might? Every single Federation member isn't some military juggernaut adding to the military machine. The Bajorans were a deeply spiritual, artistic and unfortunately war torn people.
You're jumping to conclusions. No, I don't think that of the Federation, but I also do think that it is taken into consideration, as all things would be. I'm sure Cardassia had a lot of art and things like that, and they weren't offered membership, IIRC.

I think the Federation saw what the Bajorans had been through, and the fact that after such a difficult time for 50 years they were trying to rebuild and purge Cardassian influences to keep to their identities and they saw it as a worthy and worthwhile cause. They wanted to not only help them with that, but to also offer them friendship, through membership.

If it was such a no brainer then why did it take Sisko 7 years to get it done. Maybe they should have sent an Admiral
You do remember that the wormhole opened up when their Emissary showed up, their Kai was lost to them and the political campaigning for a new Kai began, the loss of their trusted and beloved Kai also shook their newly founded government because she was kind of the glue that held things together, Sisko had just become the "chosen one" of a group of people he had just met in addition to the Commander of a station he had just been assigned to, oh and the WORMHOLE opened up, which changed things. And consequently, the wormhole only opened when their "chosen one" showed up.

Franky, "an Admiral" couldn't have done the job that Sisko did because the Prophets chose him, and only him, for the job.

(And as a side note, it didn't "take 7 years." They were going to join, and their Emissary told them not to at one point.)

I don't know why you place such a great need on this generic "Admiral," to be honest.

Let's be clear, the Bajorans joining the Federation was never a "no brainer" they reacted very strongly to Starfleet's presence in their rebuilding efforts at first. They went through a hell of a lot before the ink hit the paper.
Please see above. Part of the reason why they reacted strongly was because of political factions that were at odds, telling them this and that. No "Admiral" was going to do a better job (or even as good) at negotiating and reasoning with them than their Emissary was doing.

I actually do think the Bajorans had a lot to offer. They offered the Fed's the ability to maintain an outpost close to Cardassian space and they also have a lot of first hand intelligence regarding an enemy that the Federation themselves just finished fighting. Imagine if the Fed's blew off the request to help the Bajoran's because they felt they didn't bring anything to the table. When that wormhole appeared, who would become the 'beggers' then.
You want me to imagine something that didn't happen. I'm not going to do that because it's pointless. The Federation saw the Bajorans as a worthwhile people, otherwise they wouldn't have sent help and an offer in the first place.

You fail to realize that the wormhole didn't open up until the Prophets were ready for it to open, and they weren't ready until their chosen "Emissary" showed up.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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