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Greg Cox
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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

And, of course, one of the positive side-effects of a successful reboot is that it often gives the original another moment in the sun: "where are they now?" articles, a deluxe new DVD edition, new TV screenings the weekend the remake opens, etc.

Heck, Edgar Wallace's original 1933 novelization of KING KONG gets reissued every time they remake KONG.

And I personally reissued the original Zorro novel by Johnston McCulley when the first Antonio Banderas film opened. That would not have happened if there wasn't a remake to cash in on.

And the Will Smith remake of I AM LEGEND put the original 1954 novel on the bestseller list for the first time in over fifty years! This was good news for Richard Matheson, who was quite happy to have his book filmed for the third time.

I'm sure Dave Stevens has no objections to a Rocketeer remake. Who wouldn't want to see their creation hit the big screen once again?
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