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Re: The Great Romulan Evacuation

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(Re: Chekov)

Born years after the timeline split, and easily explained anyway by saying Chekov Prime enountered a little relativitic time distortion (or any number of Trek time anomaly) that his alternate self didn't.In a deleted scene and irrelevent anyway, since we saw 5 minutes of his childhood. We didn't see Butler, either.

According to Commodore Mendez in "The Minagerie", Pike is "...about [Kirk's] age." (34)
Now, "The Cage" was 15 years earlier. And Spock served with Pike for 13 years. So Pike took command of the Enterprise somewhere between the ages of 7 and 19.

It's a movie made in 2009 not 1966. Thats why it looks "more advanced"

never saw any of Starfleet during TOS. Besides - aliens only crop up when budget allows.
All these responses, and still the point I made about the aspect of differences in that reality remains.

By the same token, I could claim ANY continuity glitches are "proof" that episode X or movie Y exist in an alternate reality.
Glad we agree.

The writers of the film say the timelines split in 2233 and novel writers back it up.
They can say whatever they want. The fact that certain things are different prove otherwise. And getting back to my original point, until Romulus get's popped a 2nd time on screen, it's in the NuTrek universe indefinitely.

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