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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Watcher - DVD
Silver Bullet - free admission
Logan's Run (1976) - DVD
17 Again - DVD
Total Recall (2012) - free admission
The Queen of Versailles - free admission
Adventureland - DVD
The Campaign - free admission
Hope Springs - free admission
The Bourne Legacy - free admission
Killer Joe - free admission
The Odd Life of Timothy Green - free screenin'
The Box - DVD
Short Circuit - free admission
Ruby Sparks - free admission
American Reunion: Unrated - DVD
Moneyball - DVD
The Expendables 2 - free admission
Into the Blue 2: The Reef - Unrated - DVD
Take This Waltz - free admission
Resident Evil: Afterlife - DVD
ParaNorman 3D - free admission
Pets (1974) - free admission
Hit & Run - matinee
Premium Rush - free admission
Sparkle - free admission
Celeste and Jesse Forever - free admission
Cosmopolis - free admission

Went up to the Village last night to see Sparkle...and it wasn't very good. The story is a cliche, of course, and while Whitney Houston was obviously tryin' to restart a career before her death, her character's gospel solo seemed out of place & pointless to me.

Came in early today to see C&JF this afternoon. And it was a pretty good movie. I think that, if nothin' else, at least its honest, and it does a good job of showin' how a romance can turn out in reality, not just in movies.

Got a plan to see quite a few movies over the next few days, 'cause I have a lot of time off from work...

- edit, to add -

Wound up with the night off, so I went to the Drafthouse South Lamar to see Cosmopolis, which has Robert Pattinson as a wealthy tycoon in NYC who conducts business, pleasure & medical issues all while in the back of a white stretch limo. The dude who played the Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine plays his bodyguard.

Such a dull, lifeless movie. The characters all speak in this flat monotone, and there's no emotion at all to what they have to say to or about each other. And there's no background noise...which makes sense for a soundproof limo, but still, it just adds to the dullness of the dialogue.

Robert Pattinson should just take his Twimoney & go away.
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