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Re: Interesting Trek Comics in November

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Reading that preview, I found it hard to imagine the actors' voices and deliveries as I read. I mean, TNG was so sedate and orderly and measured, and present-day Who is so frenetic and goofy and melodramatic and loud, so it's hard to fit them together in my mind.
The approach they're taking, based on the way the story reads, is to treat this as a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that happens to guest star the eleventh Doctor. So, it's a sedate, orderly, and measured piece of work -- in other words, it's a little boring, a little drawn out, and not as engaging as it could be, not unlike TNG was so capable of being -- and, like much of IDW's Star Trek work, this will undoubtedly read better in the collections. If there's a problem with the "TARDIS lands on the Enterprise" approach, it's that there's no narrative role for Amy and Rory to fill because the Star Trek universe is so thoroughly documented and familiar that they aren't necessary to convey the universe to the audience.

I harbor the hope that, because this series is selling incredibly well for IDW, that they will do a follow-up series that puts a Star Trek ship in the Doctor's universe.
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