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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

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USS Erickson

Commander Donar strode into the medical center. On the bed, the younger, lanky Rhaandarite woman sat up straighter, prompting a disapproving low growl from the Chief Medical Officer, who was carefully waving a bone regenerator over her arm. Dr. Narsan looked at Tai with a hooded expression. “Commander,” he said, his voice clipped, “How may I help you?” The tall, older, dark skinned man wore his blue medical coat like an elegant cloak. His low cut, graying hair revealed his large ears, which were both split at two points at the top. His ears were the only thing that distinguished him from a human.

“I was checking on the lieutenant, is all,” Donar said. He had taken a quick inventory of the small medical center and been relieved to find that the doctor was only treating one patient. He sadly expected that most of the beds would be filled up before this trek was over.

The Halanan nodded his head in the woman’s direction, “Lt. Zaylen will be fine, though it will take several hours until her bone completely heals. Just what was going on in those holodeck simulations?” His tone was accusatory.

Tai took it in stride. Knowing what little he did of the man’s history, he could only suspect that the medic would think the worst of him. “Though our security team is very capable they are not hardened vets.”

Now it was Zaylen’s turn to growl. The fair hued Rhaanderite shook her elongated head animatedly, her shoulder length black hair rippling like a water fall. “Doctor, the simulation was my idea.” Zaylen was the stand-in until Shashlik returned. “I wanted our security team to get a sense of the very real danger we will be facing in only a few hours.”

She paused to look at Donar with golden eyes and gave him a curt nod, “The commander was just there to observe and provide advice.”

“And there was very little advice that I needed to provide,” Donar nodded with satisfaction. “Both you and Lt. Shashlik are to be commended.”

“Well, it seems you went a little overboard,” Narsan cut through the mutual praise society, “And maybe that wouldn’t have been the case if the commander wasn’t there.”

“Doctor,” Zaylen began. Tai held up a hand.

“It is alright,” he replied, “I am sorry that you got hurt.”

“It’s nothing,” the Rhaandarite said, gingerly flexing her arm, and wincing at the attempt. “I’ll be alright in time for the mission.”

“I would advise that you sit this one out Lieutenant,” Narsan said, in a tone that would not brook argument.

Zaylen brooked it anyway. “I’m sorry Doctor, but I’m not going to send a team after Shashlik and Ramlo without me.”

“You will if I order you to due to medical reasons,” Narsan shot back, “Which I am doing as if this instant.”

“Doctor,” Donar interceded. “You’ve done a fine job stitching up her bone. You said it would be completely healed in a few hours.”

“Unlike you Mr. Donar, the rest of us are more fragile,” the Halanan glowered at him. “The rest of us are…mortal,” a pained expression battered his face. Guilt and anger coiled and writhed in Tai’s gut as he memories of Kespyrtt III gripped him.

By the time he came back to his senses, an oblivious Narsan was still talking, “And if Lt. Zaylen is put into a hostile situation, especially one that requires hand-to-hand combat, her arm could provide to be a fatal liability.”

“But doctor,” Zaylen jumped in.

“No Lieutenant,” Donar said, “He’s right.” Zaylen sat back, stunned at the first officer’s reversal.

“But sir,” she tried again.

“Dr. Narsan’s decision is in his purview and I back him on it,” he said, and the still simmering Halanan looked confused. It was obvious that he hadn’t expected Donar to agree with him. “I’m sure that the captain won’t object if I lead the away team.”

The Angosian looked at the doctor, daring him to respond. But instead of defiance, the medic looked crestfallen. Clearly he was thinking of another high stakes mission that Donar had been a part of him, one that had ended in personal tragedy. And Tai felt another kind of guilt, one from being vengeful, of being a bully.

Despite whatever meanness had inspired his words, Donar did mean to stick by them. As much as he respected Zaylen’s capabilities, this mission would require someone with his experience. Even the bad experiences. But this time he didn’t plan on adding to that tragic list.
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