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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Strange New World

This has been the best episode so far to me. They got to explore a new planet, and T’Pol got to be the hero. I felt sorry for Trip, and I really like the interaction he has with T’Pol at the end. It’s nice that everyone worked together to get past the danger of the situation. I’m also starting to think it’s T’Pol’s job to save them from themselves when necessary.

Grade: B


I like Trip, and this was a nice episode for him. I liked the alien race they came across and the fact that they had the best (and first?) holographic suite humans had come across. I couldn’t believe Trip didn’t realize sooner that “the game” got him pregnant. T’Pol’s reaction was funny, “Three days, you were only there for three days…”

Grade: B

Terra Nova

This one isn’t my favorite, but it had some bright spots.

Grade: C minus


The Andorian Incident

Well, lol, Andorians are a part of Star Trek canon. The first time I read about them was in fan fiction, and I thought the writer made them up. They don’t look like what I imagined. This is a small gripe, but I think T’Pol uses too many contractions. I’m still not a fan of Archer, but at this point I’m not holding that against the series.

Grade: B minus
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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