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Dick Whitman
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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

Beyond an affection for the original movie, I am would be happy to see it because there is really nothing else comparable to it now.

I can see why it would be grouped with Superheroes. But as others mentioned it was really based on pulp fiction and movie serials. Cliff did not have powers or even have a mission to fight evil. He was just a pilot who got a hold of a fantastic device by accident and did good with it.

Obviously the closest in style is Captain America. But Cliff is not a solider or superpowered. Also I am guessing that CA sequels will mostly take place in the present with some flashbacks.

I would hope however this is done the whole movie is not focused on his origin. Because it was really basic. He does not have much of a backstory. Maybe thats for the best.

The original comic did have veiled appearances by the Shadow and Doc Savage. Maybe Disney should get the rights to them too. If this works it could lead to a Pulp-Verse franchise. Not that its nessesary but it would make more sense than Marvel superheroes appearing.
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