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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

^ I'm sorry, but if Beckett thinks that's what he was doing...

Pretty much what they wanted out of you, Josh, was to appear to give a shit. Like not begging off of a start because of soreness, and then playing 18 holes of golf. Not being in such shit shape that you miss starts regularly, and even somehow GAIN weight during the grind of a season. Or even show up in shape to start with? If THIS was his speaking up and being more outspoken, we're all set. Like owning up for sucking at the end of last year would have been good, rather than vowing to hunt down and find the snitch that told people he was drinking beer and eating fried chicken instead of doing his job...

Not being a complete prick to the media and fans, and appearing to give a shit. That's pretty much the magic formula...
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