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Re: The Great Romulan Evacuation

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Who says Romulus will be destroyed in this reality? It was already a bit different to begin with,
Only in as much as giving Trek a much needed visual upgrade. In-universe, it's the same.
Chekov is older,
Born years after the timeline split, and easily explained anyway by saying Chekov Prime enountered a little relativitic time distortion (or any number of Trek time anomaly) that his alternate self didn't.
no George Kirk Jr. that we know of,
In a deleted scene and irrelevent anyway, since we saw 5 minutes of his childhood. We didn't see Butler, either.
Pike is older,
According to Commodore Mendez in "The Minagerie", Pike is "...about [Kirk's] age." (34)
Now, "The Cage" was 15 years earlier. And Spock served with Pike for 13 years. So Pike took command of the Enterprise somewhere between the ages of 7 and 19.
technology seems a little more advanced and similar to what it would be in the late 23rd century,
It's a movie made in 2009 not 1966. Thats why it looks "more advanced"
more aliens are in Starfleet at this time
We never saw any of Starfleet during TOS. Besides - aliens only crop up when budget allows.
- just 5 things I can think of off the top of my head that prove the NuTrek universe has some distinct differences.

That's at least 5 differences before Spock and Nero show up, and there's no way to conclusively say there aren't any more on either a minor or major level. Fortunately, Parallels implies either is possible.

By the same token, I could claim ANY continuity glitches are "proof" that episode X or movie Y exist in an alternate reality. The writers of the film say the timelines split in 2233 and novel writers back it up.
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