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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Comic Book "Reboot."

TMNT #13 - what I liked about this issue is most of serves as a pseudo-epilogue to the prior 18 issues(12 reg +6 micros) that served to introduce all the cast through the first confrontation with Shredder. The brothers are all relaxing in their own way being a family. We see some fall out but development on how Baxter and Krang will be with each other, Krang "opened up" to Baxter so to speak. It ends by matching up to the final moments from the Casey Jones micro issue. With Raphael tearing out of the dwelling to confront Casey's dad, again(he ruffed him up in TMNT #2, but Splinter being the one in pursuit and how the issue ends was a bit interesting.
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