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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Justice League Dark #12 - was another good read. I continue to really like the art on the book. I'm not as keen on some of the characters I'm being introduced to, name only till now. Has the House of Secrets always been able to essentially travel and move about? I didn't have any real connection to the character who died cause he shows up for 2 pages and then is dead. This will be my last arc on JLD I guess so I hope it's awesome!

All Star Western #12 - The relaunch of Jonah has been great, kudos to the team. While I enjoyed the 12 issues with a few sidebars elsewhere I'm curious how much longer they can keep Jonah in Gotham. This issue seemed to indicate he was pulling out but that happened once before and the intro to issue #7 had him pulled right back in with Arkham on a mission.
The backup story that concluded a two part story with Dr.13 was fun. Not sure if he's a new character but I liked how the story took us to Slaughter Swamp wich I had also just read about in JLD#12. The #0 issue will be my last one for this title, it should be a stand alone tale.

I,Vampire #12 - This was my first introduction to Stormwatch and I found Apollo and Midnighters banter to be fun. Can't really talk about the contents without spoiler code but trust me it was good. Tig getting bit was a bit of justice but that didn't last long. The ending sure leaves plenty of questions on the table. Great art in this book is also being maintained.
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