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Netflix (again)

There is an article up at
Why Isn’t Netflix Working On A New Star Trek Already?
Saturday, August 25th, 2012

in it this quote is mentioned about Netflix & Trek series:
since the shows were added last year; CBS boss Les Moonves even called out the franchise as one that worked “best” for CBS on the service earlier this month, so there’s definitely an audience for it.
I feel this should be mentioned in this thread as Hulu & Netflix allow the possibility of not debuting in America on cable TV or network TV.
wow with more questions than answers I really like the thoughts this brings up!
For the producers of a new Trek, Netflix allows all manner of flexibility that network – or even cable! – wouldn’t, in terms of running time, allowable content or even story structure. If all episodes of a season were made available simultaneously (following the Lilyhammer model), would that allow for more complex, season-long arcs and storytelling? What happens to the narrative when writers aren’t restricted to creating faux cliffhangers every ten minutes to lead into ad breaks? What if storylines break off into individual episodes, allowing audiences to follow their favorite characters/threads and then come back to follow a different movement afterwards?
(Another thought: What if new content was made available in the lead-up to a third movie, with storylines acting as a prologue into it? Or, spinning out of it, afterwards?)
Especially the running time. Sadly most cable TV and even network dramas are going with 41:30 and 42 minute running times for 1 hour length shows! Can we see Trek back up to 45-50 minutes per episode to allow breathing room for the story? I think the foreign distribution requirements will determine actual runtime of the next series.
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