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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

And let's not forget -- The Rocketeer is itself a near-remake, or rather a pastiche, of the "Rocketman" character who appeared under different names (the most famous being Commando Cody) in four Republic serials:

And the Rocketman suit in the Republic serials was inspired in turn by the Buck Rogers comic strip!

Not to mention that the Rocketeer's girlfriend is a pastiche of a famous pinup model, his rocket pack was implicitly built by Doc Savage -- the whole thing is highly derivative to begin with! Not that that's a bad thing; lots of creativity is about taking pre-existing elements and paying tribute to them in a fresh way. But it goes to show how completely nonsensical it is to complain about reusing old ideas when talking about The Rocketeer. It wouldn't even exist if not for the reuse of old ideas!
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