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Greg Cox
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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

Exactly. And the existence of one good version hardly precludes the making of another, possibly better version.

I'm quite fond of the old 1940's version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS with Gene Kelly, Lana Turner, and Vincent Price, but the 1970's version directed by Richard Lester is arguably even better. Should they not have bothered back in the 70's because Musketeers had already been filmed umpteen times before?

Ditto for Batman, Tarzan, Zorro, James Bond, Robin Hood, etc.

There's also the fact that, honestly, complaining about remakes is like complaining that the sun rises in the east or that it gets cold in the winter. Hollywood has been making remakes since the silent era, and many Hollywood classics are actually remakes: BEN-HUR, THE MALTESE FALCON, SOME LIKE IT HOT, THE WIZARD OF OZ, THE FLY, THE THING, etc. Hell, Hitchcock once remade one of his own films (THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH) and so did Lon Chaney Senior (THE UNHOLY THREE, as a silent and a talkie). Remakes are a fact of life. They've always been around and always will be.

The more things change, the more they get remade!
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