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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

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I saw this for the first time not long ago and thought that it was fine just the way it was. I haven't read the comics so I might be missing something but the movie stood just fine on its own. Don't know why a reboot would be necessary/desirable. Can't people come up with some original ideas once in a while????
To be fair, the public is giving Hollywood seriously mixed messages. On the one hand, they claim they want original ideas. On other hand, the top-grossing movies every year tend to be sequels or remakes or new versions of old tv shows or comics.

Even around here, the most active threads tend to be about popular, long-running franchises and reboots of old favorites. Lucas announces a new Indiana Jones movie tomorrow and there will be a hundreds of posts, along with plenty of rumors and feverish speculation, by noon! And there are entire forums pining for a seventh Star Trek tv series!

And, honestly, in the case of the something like The Rocketeer that's been gathering dust for over twenty years and that didn't really catch on the first time around, why not take another go at it? Remember, 90% of the movie audience has never seen or has forgotten the old version. And today's teens weren't even born when the first movie flopped at the box office.

Hell, it took Hollywood five tries to make a decent Captain America movie. Suppose somebody had vetoed the new movie on the grounds that "hey, there's already been a b/w serial, two bad tv-movies, and a flop that went straight to DVD, why bother with Cap again? He's been done."

You can argue that the Rocketeer is overdue for another chance at glory. There's a brand-new audience out there, just waiting to discover him for the first time.

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