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Re: Best DS9 characters

1. Gul Dukat - such a monster and those eyes of his which are totally devoid of any soul whatsoever... and especially when he was announcing that he was joining the Dominion and not fighting against them.
2. Kai Winn - so annoying! and so patronising...however Louise Fletcher does a magnificent job of playing her.
3. Odo - From being a shape shifter to being a solid back to being a shape shifter again....I just love his gruff exterior yet he has a heart of gold
4. Julian Bashir - Just the way that he puts up with Garak is funny enough...but his life has been pretty interesting especially finding out that he was genetically altered when he was a child.
5. Kira Nerys - Love her character and what her character has been through, losing Vedek Baral, falling in love with Shakaar, having Miles and Keiko's baby just to name a few!
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