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Re: Intrepid Updates

Production continues on our next episode, Dissonant Minds. Last weekend saw cast and crew unite to shoot the planetside scenes in Tentsmuir Forest, a short drive from the city of Dundee.

At this point, we only have several scenes left to shoot, and expect principal photography to be completed before the year is out. Post-production will likely continue throughout 2013, but it's far too early to speculate on release dates just yet. It's worth noting that while Dissonant Minds won't be perfect, I'm confident it'll be our most professional-looking release to date.

And talking of releases, The Stone Unturned, which has been gathering dust on various harddrives for the last 2 years is finally nearing the finish line. It's been no secret that there were significant issues with the dialogue track (more than half of the the audio was completely unusable) and we've been struggling to organise time to loop Picard actor Giles Aston's dialogue.

I'm happy to report that were able to schedule this a few months back, and all of Giles' ADR work is in hand. We're still waiting to loop a few lines from other cast, but those are expected to be in hand in shortly. Episode composer, Bodo Hartwig also assures me he will be available to work on the score very soon, so it's looking likely that The Stone Unturned will be released before the year is out

For those who may be so inclined, you can check out our Facebook page for some photos from the recent shoot. it's also the best place to keep up with news on the production.
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