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Re: Star Trek Voyager: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer

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As I correctly said, Janeway MUST return. It had to happen. It has happened. I am so glad I was proven right. Now Voyager means something again for the first time in years.

This is a happy day.
I am sure that those of us that previously disliked or were pretty neutral about the show and continuation books AND those that were fans and were prepared to give Kirsten's books a fair try would disagree that Voyager has not meant anything for years.

Despite what you say, Voyager is NOT Janeway. To be honest I don't really like her so wasn't upset when she was killed off. Kirsten's books have been superb and have featured and developed characters that I do like so I was happy - for the first time I am a Voyager fan ! I am pretty sure I will like Janeway more with Kirsten writing her too.

Making a series of personal statements with neither reasoned argument nor evidence does you no favours. You come across as a zealot and I doubt Kirsten's considered and thoughtful correction of your series of 'misinterpretations' will change your mind one iota.

To you and the boycotters, I am happy for you that a character you like is back. You have denied yourself some superb fiction by not reading Kirsten's other books. Maybe you don't deserve them

I am just happy that I have another Voyager novel from Kirsten to look forward to, whoever it features.
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