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Re: Why was Sisko assigned to DS9?

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Jesus? Sisko didn't die for anybody's sins.

I disagree with a seasoned Captain or Admiral being needed for the job. They were sent to provide a buffer between the Bajorans and Cardassians and see if the Bajorans would join the Federation. You don't need a seasoned Captain or Admiral for that, especially when they place was practically dead with people still abandoning it.

I could just imagine an Admiral’s response to being assigned there: “What? And where is that again? Okay, and you want me to run along to a nearly abandoned space station with a security detail to see if a conquered and struggling people would want to join a large Federation of planets that could protect them while they rebuild. That doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. Are you sure you don’t have a fleet for me to run or something?”
Well it was a lot more than just running a station. If it was just the station then I could see a CDR doing that. There was also a permanent diplomatic responsibility with a very fragile race that they were trying to coax into the Federation while at the same time keeping the Cardassians at bay. I don't think we can look at that as some miniscule assignment. Also sending a CDR shows Bajor just how important you consider them.
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