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Re: Hayley Williams: Babe of the week #35 (Aug. 2012)

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They were always on the the top of the forum. Also, now they have actual content, instead of just mindless drooling. At least, that's something.
Hey, some of us primates are capable of mindless drooling without the Nice legs, but her nose rubs me the wrong way, I'm going to go with sideways, I'm paying 30 and not a cent more! Please, don't lump us all mindless apes together. I, as a proud baboon, affirm that I give my laptop more respect than actual people are getting on this planet. It won't work, but it don't matter, I still gave it the thumbs up.

One can't help but wonder, when you get to own your possession with the right kind of nose, legs and tits, would you be shocked when to discover you weren't allowed to do with it as you please? Gosh, I hope someone doesn't end up collapsing in court in bewilderment one day. That would hurt.
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