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Re: Star Trek Voyager: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer

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Hey Kirsten, THANK YOU for bringing her back!! Thank you for writing it! I am super happy about it. I'm also happy for the apparent happy ending you gave a considerable number of Janeway fans, that is very sweet and I think surprised a few people in Trekdom.

I am going to spend AU16.00 buying a new copy, my boycott is over. I'll also be buying Children of the Storm (already have FC).

I think we should all play nice now and stop looking for grassy knolls. Janeway is back, a book is ready to read, the future awaits us! You're a very patient woman Kirsten, and I appreciate your taking the time to explain in the face of hostility. I also hope you are having a well deserved rest after finishing the book!

THANK YOU again!

PS Will Janeway be having a baby now?
And have them both die in childbirth, after which Chakotay and Seven get back together. But seriously, I am happy to hear Janeway's back. I'll have to wait a couple weeks for Amazon to ship the book here, but thanks for being around and being such a great sport with the many flavors of fans here, Ms Beyer.
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