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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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I think you're reading way too deeply into it. By "eliminating want" Picard means that humans no longer always want more and more and more at the cost of their own financial security or at the cost of other's financial security.
So... why not just say that instead of stating that eliminating "want" in it's most absolute form? Picard seems to have little to no interest in telling this guy that anything he wants he could probably get without the use of money or lawyers. But no, he just tells them that possessions are a thing of the past and he needs to grow up.
I love Picard, but he could be quite the pompous ass at times. In DS9's "Emissary," when Sisko complains that an abandoned nearly disabled space station on the edge of nowhere isn't the ideal place to raise a son, Picard lectures to him that Starfleet officers don't always get to serve in ideal environments... while sipping earl gray in his comfortable lounge chair.
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