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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

26) Premium Rush (2012) - B-
27) The Bourne Legacy (2012) - C
28) Haywire (2012) - B

I saw three movies today, and the one I saw at home was the best of the three. Haywire was the MMA-type fight film from Steven Soderbergh and it wasn't your typical action film. I was actually surprised on how low key it was. I expected a big non-stop action film but this was anything but. The story, like Premium Rush, is thin, but I don't think you watch a movie like this because of the story. It's all about the sexiest woman in MMA, Gina Carano and her film debut. You can clearly see she isn't an actress but man does she kick serious ass. Her fight scenes with Tatum, Fassbender, and McGregor were excellent. I would see it her an Expendables type female movie. I would watch it if that happened.

Theater: 11
BluRay: 8 (+1)
On Demand/TV: 3
Itunes: 6
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