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Re: Could "Star Wars" happen in the 23rd Century Mirror Universe?

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So tell Star Wars using Trek characters? Why?
Because it would be fun, and it would showcase the similarities and differences between the milieus. And basically Star Trek Technology would force the story to go in a different direction, and its an amusing way to pass the time as well.

Remember the opening scene in Star Wars IV A New Hope. Well I'm sure Star Trek has desert planets and double star systems, but we'd replace the Rebel ship with what and the Star Destroyer with what?

Maybe the Star Destroyer gets replaces with a Constitution Class cruiser like the ISS Enterprise for example. The rebel ship is smaller than that, and there is phaser fire between the larger and smaller ships as well as photon torpedeos being exchanged, The Shields are knocked down in the smaller ship. The princess has to deliver her message to the reclusive vulcan living down on the planet's surface, but there are no droids available to deliver this message on. Well it appears she's going to have to beam down herself and deliver it in person or send someone else.

the equivalent to Luke Skywalker is a half-vulcan similar to Spock, though much younger, he lives with his human aunt and uncle on their moisture farm. The half-vulcan as a consequence isn't very logical, hasn't been raised as a vulcan by his human foster family and is often mistaken for a Romulan, but he is a vulcan, and is developing telepathic powers as he matures. The princess is also half-vulcan as the two of them are twins.
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