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Re: Star Trek Voyager: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer

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I also don't believe The Eternal Tide is a story Kirsten wanted to tell. I think it was a story she was told to tell by Pocket Books.
IIRC, Kirsten Beyer is on record as having said that she always wanted to write Janeway stories, but had inherited the line when the main character was already gone. She made no secret of her personal desire to restore the character she wanted to write for. She ran a Q&A panel online, and at a Shore Leave, to judge support.

If anything, Ms Beyer herself has pushed to have her Relaunch head in this direction; it was only a matter of how many books it would take to get there.

Check the old thread over in the VOY section.

I'm sure Kirsten Beyer will be along soon to confirm.

Did you miss: "My greatest comfort lies in the fact that ultimately, I was the one chosen to tell it"? [TEE, p 388] She's referring to everything from "Full Circle" to the current book, if I understand her Acknowledgements section correctly.

Anyone who's read Ms Beyer's sesnitive and patient responses over in the VOY section in recent years wouldn't use "patronizing" to describe the author.

Star Trek goes back to being the all boy's club.
Captain Ezri Dax, Admiral Shelby, Captain Ro Laren and the President of the UFP would disagree with you.

Spock came back under his watch.
No. Gene Roddenberry was "Creative Consultant" only. He wrote memos about Spock's death in ST II and they were ignored. Nimoy himself and Harve Bennett brought Spock back. Roddenberry wrote memos about Spock's revival in ST III and they were ignored. Roddenberry was out of the ST loop until 1986 and the genesis of "The Next Generation".

Janeway is back despite the fact the you killed her Mrs. Beyer.
Huh? No, Margaret Clark requested Peter David to kill off Janeway in "Beyond Dishonor".
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