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Re: Study Sees Continued Decline in Overall Credibility of News Media

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A big part of the problem today is that most modern 'journalists' have little, if any, experience or education in anything but journalism. So they don't really understand what they're covering. As a result, they can't provide depth to anything.
While no doubt that's true in many cases, and it's easy to come to that conclusion based on their lameness on the air, I've also noted that there are some correspondents who spend a lot of time in hot spots. Extended first hand experience does count for something. These types of correspondents are a cut above the empty-headed anchors.


Just as a general remark on topic, I try to take each report in the news as a puzzle piece. More news (from independent sources) means more pieces to the puzzle. I don't limit my exposure, except to stay the hell away from Fox.
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