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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

26)Premium Rush (2012) - B-

Can there be too much action in an action film? I ask because that's how I felt walking out of this one. Most of the movie was pretty much people on bikes chasing Joseph Gordon Levitt on a Bike (Other than Shannon) and the story itself was pretty thin. Michael Shannon (Who I was introduced to in Take Shelter and I think could play an awesome psychotic guy) was great and so was Gordon-Levitt. There were long scenes of this bike chasing and sometimes I took me out of the movie, because they seemed too long. Still, the action was pretty good and it's your typical summer action film.

27) The Bourne Legacy (2012) - C

This movie had the elements of a Bourne Film, but didn't feel like a Bourne film. It was really missing Damon's charm, and the whole mystery of who or what the main character was was gone. It also felt really long. Despite that though, I still enjoyed it and there were some good action scenes but while I thought a movie like Men In Black, which people stated as not necessary, was a worthy sequel this summer, I have to wonder if the Bourne Legacy was necessary. I'm not sure it was.

Theater: 11 (+2)
BluRay: 7
On Demand/TV: 3
Itunes: 6
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