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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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He was good when he started out in the business.

Look at the Hawk & Dove mini he did in the 80s.
Karl Kessel's inked saved that book.
Speaking of Karl Kesel, apparently, he's selling off his comic collection to cover the costs of adopting and getting treatment for his new, baby son. There's an article here with more of the story. Truly heartwarming.

The parents of the infant in question wanted his son to grow up being raised by a comics loving family. The baby was born addicted to heroin, so not only did Karl and his current wife (I was surprised to find out that it wasn't Barbara, apparently they divorced a few years go) adopt the baby, they are doing everything they can to raise money to cover the costs of taking care of the kid. Luckily, the baby already went through detox and is home with the Kesels now. They are hoping insurance will cover the medical bills, but are not 100% sure.

Just the kind of heartwarming story we need to balance out the Liefeld stuff. I really wish I was in a position where I could donate to this cause.

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Here is a fun early example of Marvel/DC trash-talk, courtesy of Brian Cronin's excellent column Comic Book Legends Revealed.

I know of another example where an issue of Batman from this same era shows Batman swing from a flag-pole and musing that he was swinging from flag-ploes much longer than "a certain Peter-come-lately".
I think that's a good example of how easily we can become biased. To me, DC's jab was good natured. To Gerard all those years ago, it was mean-spirited.
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