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Re: Borg adaptation ability

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^Doesn't explain how after a couple of drones are hit with phasers, the other approaching drones are able to resist the phaser fire within seconds without any chance of directly removing items from the downed drones....
They can share information across the collective mind without needing to physically extract components. Just a matter of saying, "Oh, there's an energy weapon. Let's try our shields." They activate the shields and see if that particular shield frequency is able to stop or reduce the effect of the phaser beam. One drone might say, "Hey, I retuned my shields to this frequency,a nd that reduced the damage by this much, even though it still killed me." (Easy enough to have an implant that would send that information on the death of the drone). So all the other drones returne their shields to something close to that, to see if they can improve.

Kinda like if I told you to pick a number. You might say, "50?" I'd say lower. You;d say 25, I'd say higher. You'd say 38, I'd say higher. You'd say 44, I;d say higher. You;d say 47, and I;d say, yep, that's it!
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