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Re: Best DS9 characters

Here's my list:

#5. Damar.
Damar is one of the best charachters in DS9. The best thing about his charachter was that it didn't really develop until the last season. His performance in The Dogs of War makes it one of my favorite episodes in the entire series. They never really showed the revolutionary side of Kira in the show, only a few bits of it, and referenced it. And Damar basically plays that role there.

#4. Kira Nerys
I like Kira because of her sharp temper, and her ability to lead. I think one of my favorite events that revolved around her was when she stood against the Romulan commander for supplying weapons to their hospital on the Bajoran Moon. She really took great risk there, risking the loss of the Alliance right in the middle of the Dominion war, and even risking death. Also, her role in the end of the war was very strong. While Sisko and the crew were fighting in space, she was the one who fought on ground. Her final, brief, alliance with Garek and Damar was perfect for the end.

#3. Dax
I am going to count Jadzia and Ezri as one, by just calling the symbiont. I think that Jadzia's charachters evolved the most after Worf came onto the show. They had shown earlier that she was a real klingon at heart, but Worf's appearnce, and their relationship gave more emphasis to that. Also, I wasn't very pleased with her role before season 3. It didn't feel very fitting that she fought amonts Kor, Koloth, and Kang. She just didn't fit well. But she did fit well as a warrior beside Worf.
Ezri, on the other hand, is an okay charcter. The best thing I liked about Ezri was her relationship with Sisko. Jadzia had a stronger relationship with him, but she didn't really help him alot that much. At the start of the last season, her introduction was perfect. Sisko was distraught and gloomy, and she cheared him. I don't know, it just seemed like a great way to introduce a charachter.

#2. Counsellor Martok
He was a real leader. He fought Jem'Heddar ships with victory after victory. His enthusiasm makes him my favorite True Klingon Warrior. Martok was also smart, not just a warrior who fights randomly without thinking and just slaughtering. He carefully came up with plans to fight the ships, and be able to escape them, not just sacrificing himself.
His relationship with Worf was also very strong, one of the best in the entire series. His trust in Worf was amazing, and I think was the real inspiration behind many of his victories. He actually was quite inspiring within the series itself, such as in the prison cell.

#1. Sisko
Sisko is by far my favorite character in DS9. He was a perfect leader. In comparison to the otheer captains, I would rate him 3rd though (after 1. Piccard, and 2. Kirk). Sisko was really bad-ass. He didn't care what it took to acheive his goals, he just did them. And he was really confident. I only started to like him after he after he fought over the role of the Emissary, because his character only evolved after that. Before that, he was just a captain, who had a sacred title. But after that, he came to respect the title, and actually took actions that reflected his visions of the Prophets. He was completely confident that the Prophets had the power, and that they would help him. He was willing to fight the entire Jem'Heddar fleet alone inside the wormhole. I mean, that is true dedicaton (to the values of the Federation...).
He also understood the prophets, he respected them, and he was willing to fight for them (such as when he didn't interfere when Jake's body was possesed).
It was very saddening that he had become a prophet. I mean, It's not bad, but from the perspective of the crew, or Jake, or yates, it was sad. He deserved to stay human, and become an Admiral and go on and take his place among the high ranks of the Federation.
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