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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Well, yeah, there is. But that's like saying, "Gee. Turn of the first millennium humans were pretty full of savagery with little regard to the care and well being of their fellow man."

Well, yes, they were. But only because of where they were at that time. We can't look down on cavemen, or Mongolian warriors because they weren't as advanced as us or had as much knowledge as we do on the world and science.

So judging humans of the 20th century for not being as advanced as 24th century humans is dumb. Of course they're petty and filled with greed. It's a product of the world they're living in. They just haven't advanced enough yet or reach that point of "time to stop this kiddie act and grow up!" (Which seemed to be a cross between WWIII and First Contact. One being the breaking point of humans finally having the one, last, big bender before waking up the next day and trying to figure out how to become sober and the other being us finding a sponsor in AA to help us get back on our feet.)

If I met my 17th century counterpart I wouldn't look down on him for not wanting to walk nicely down the street and greeting people pleasantly, not wanting to wear pants and not wanting to shower every other day or so. It's what he is it's what we all were back then maybe with some very limited exception but it's just where we were out.

I don't look at them and say, "Man! How did we ever not utterly destroy ourselves back then? Ignorance of simple biology so wild spread of disease, poor food-safety practices, unforgivable human rights practices. And just utter rule of lesser people. How'd we ever get out of the 17th century?"

And, come-on, Riker. I don't believe for one second that Commander William T. Riker doesn't know what, "Let's find us some low-mileage pit wolfies and help them make a memory!" means.

And for dissing on us 20th century humans so much Riker and Picard do seem to enjoyu our popular culture and music a lot. (Riker being fond of Jazz and Picard of 1940s pulp crime fiction stories.)
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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