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Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.

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Yeah, I loved the looks on everybodies faces when she hugged her.
One thing I still haven't been able to figure out, is whether or not there are more Grimms out there. I know they keep saying he's "one of the last Grimms", but I wasn't sure if that actually meant there were more out there.
And would they all be related? I've never been able to figure out if they're actually supposed to be direct decedents of the Brothers Grimm, or if the name was just inspired by them.
Well, we got some backstory from Kelly in the first episode of the new season, that the Grimms apparently are the descendants of seven knights - or was it just knights that worked for the seven royal families? - that took part in the Fourth Crusade. And they made seven keys, one for each, because they didn't turn over something incredibly powerful. That alone makes them 500+ years older than Jacob and Wilhelm. The impression I got was that they're all related, albeit very distantly after so much time. And from what Kelly said, the "calling" of a Grimm is random from those with potential (not unlike Slayers?).
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