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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Holy fucking LOL, the Sox haven't even waited until the trade is finalized to begin the hatchet job:

Gonzalez had become a whiner who seemed to be involved in starting a group to complain about Valentine. He seemed to have an opinion on everything, and rubbed his managers the wrong way. Gonzalez was never the guy we thought he was supposed to be, no leadership skills whatsoever.

And Crawford never fit from the outset. The Sox needed a righthanded-hitting outfielder and instead got a lefthanded hitter. Even owner John Henry said that the Sox didnít need Crawford, but he went along with Theo Epsteinís recommendation. Crawford had a horrible 2011, and then required wrist and elbow surgeries in 2012. That the Dodgers would be willing to take him is startling, but they must feel he will rebound.
Never mind that the Crawford deal was John Henry's doing all the way, until it became clear that Epstein was on the way out and Henry decided to blame it on him...

I can't wait to see the shit-talking they plant about Punto.
That is the most disingenuous thing John Henry's ever said. It is a known fact that he wanted Carl Crawford.
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