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Re: DS9's growing popularity

Star Trek Deep Space Nine used to come every Wednesday at 8 on WNUV TV 54 where your vote counts!

So it was popular when it was on here or else they wouldn't have left it at such a grand time. Later on however, it was moved to Friday night at 9 in the last 2 seasons i believe and therefore, was not something I watched anymore growing up because i was out and about on Fridays. I mean the only people that would be home on a Friday night at 9 would be older people or dorks. So it really lost its appeal to many about this time, so i think most people, if they bothered to go back and re watch it, most likely saw the end of the series later in its run. At least thats how it went with my chums that enjoyed the program.
Oh here is the promo
"Now, how are we progressing, Mister La Forge?"
"About like you'd expect, sir."
"Splendid. Splendid. Carry on."

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