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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Since changelings clearly seem to experience the sensations of touch, I'm assuming that, if they were skilled enough and chose to do so, they could morph the approrpriate sex organ that would allow them to experience the corresponding humanoid sensations of sexual pleasure.

Though that theory kind of falls through if I think about too much, because if they can do that, why couldn't they morph up tastes buds or even a digestive system ...

I can kind of see why the writers didn't want to try and explain it.
Well, the big wig Changlings were able to morph up taste buds and a digestive system for Odo when they punished him with becoming locked in as human. So, anything's possible, I guess. Odo wasn't the best at shifting, either, although he was good. There were other Changelings that could take on a human form perfectly when he was still having trouble with faces.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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