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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

You all got me on the use of the phrase "proper job", that was my British-ism really, I DID mean "preferred" but for some reason that phrase pops into my had easier than any others, so apologies for the confusion there.

I guess I was more annoyed at the criticisms of the YT clip itself, as I've been a subscriber of his for a long while and fan-created CGI like that really does brighten my day, whatever you may think of that. I wish there were more of it out there.
And tbh, I wish there was more original stuff instead of re-done stuff that we've already seen...

He's been re-doing famous scenes with CGI for a while now and I don't know what his intentions were with that clip but he's certainly been posting videos for much longer than the
TNG restoration project has been announced.
Initially it was just a training exercise for him to learn CGI and you can see how he has progressed over the years.

I probably shouldn't speak for him, he'll be over here soon enough to speak for himself, maybe I should go over to the art forum and lure him

I guess my attitude is slightly different to others on this, I'm used to the Doctor Who restoration team's efforts and they will make an occasional CGI remake of an episode to put on a DVD and the results are largely excellent.
Completely different kettle of fish though, as you can imagine from its set up Doctor Who doesn't have many exterior space scenes at all and even its most FX heavy episodes are usually reduced to Dalek Ray guns etc.
But when they do remaster an ep they put the CGI enhanced one right there next to the original episode, not a replacement, just an extra, if you will.
In an ideal world with unlimited budget, I'd have loved to have seen something like that, or maybe just pick one ep a season to really go to town on. Q Who for series 2, YE for series 3, etc.

But that's not to say the HD restoration isn't brilliant, it IS....
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