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Re: Star Trek Secret Voyage: E01 Whose Birth These Triumphs Are

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(2) I realize this is a fan-film, but the sight of what are supposed to be members of Starfleet, as far as I know a semi-militaristic body, sporting some VERY unmilitaristic hairdoes takes me right out of the story. I'm speaking about the red-headed security guy (13:10), Banks the geologist (13:19), and Albright the super-curly-haired security guard (13:39)
I am going to call this out as nonsense. Did you watch TOS? Since when is a freakin beehive a "military hairdo"?

Anyways, I enjoyed the episode. I echo the comments about sound but did notice an improvement as the episode went on. Wasn't that thrilled to see the Enterprise being used but I can simply pretend it's another ship. But overall a very strong start.
I'd rather watch Star Trek: V and Nemesis a thousand times than be subjected to Abrams Trek again.
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