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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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Actually the first pregnant male Star Trek story I read was a fan fic from before 2003 entitled "What" by Susan DeFluke (she is legendary in Voyager fic circles).
There are tons of pregnant male stories out them (none of them sexy) usually involving Paris and Chakotay in one of those utterly OOC (and, as mentioned, totally unsexy) stories where one turns into a simpering submissive.

I'm with you, Teacake, on the "don't breed with Chakotay" thing. The J/Cers out there are already going flaky over the book; that would be the death knell for rational Trek board postings for weeks.
I would quite enjoy it. Other people's passions and all that.

But as for breed Janeway with whom? My question -- why breed with anyone? Some women are allowed to just have a career, you know.
Because Janeway's and 7's baby would be soooo beautiful and probably grow up and take over the Collective as an auburn haired Borg Empress. After hunting down and eviscerating the Threshold babies to avenge her mother.

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