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Re: Why was Sisko assigned to DS9?

Timo wrote: View Post
what made Starfleet decide Ben Sisko was the best choice for the difficult mission to Bajor?
We don't really know Starfleet made such a decision. It might be that there was no particular incentive to choose the best; rather, somebody who wasn't useful in any other task (as Sisko's therapist after Wolf 359 would unprofessionally but practically squeal to the Commander's superiors) could be dumped there.

The assignment to manage the station for Bajor may have been intended to be relatively short. Get in, wait for Bajor to regain its industrial base and self-confidence, have them kick Starfleet out and shout curses after the departing runabouts, and begone. No hope of Bajoran membership, ever, considering how hostile the locals were - and good riddance to the worthless planet anyway.

Without the appearance of the wormhole and the involvement of the Prophets, Sisko's assignment would probably have ended in something like the Circle Trilogy anyway, barely a year into the mission. Cardassians would probably have been secretly or openly manipulating things even without the added incentive of the wormhole, and Bajor would soon have fallen into their sphere of influence again. And Starfleet could have calculated that sending good and competent people there would be a waste of material.

Timo Saloniemi
I agree with this except for the bolded. I think they sent good and competent people when they sent Sisko and crew; they just didn't expect them to succeed like you mentioned.

Use of Time wrote: View Post
Timo wrote: View Post
what made Starfleet decide Ben Sisko was the best choice for the difficult mission to Bajor?
We don't really know Starfleet made such a decision [...]

Timo Saloniemi
Good point, and we can further rationalize that Sisko was able to remain in command after the discovery of the wormhole because Starfleet hadn't factored in that Sisko would be able to endear himself to Kai Opaka and become their Emissary. They wouldn't be able to move him for political reasons.
Exactly. This might be where the whole destiny aspect of the Prophets comes in. It was as if the stars were in alignment, if you believe in that sort of thing.

The wormhole probably opened up ONLY because their Emmisary had come, and without the wormhole, DS9 was significantly less important. Without the Emmisary, the people of Bajor would have been far more difficult to work with. And without Starfleet, the Cardassians would have likely taken over again, and so on and so on...

As it turned out, Sisko ended up being the only one that could effectively do the job.

Admiral_Sisko wrote: View Post
It's always seemed to me that Sisko was on the fast-track to getting a ship of his own (much as Riker had been) prior to Jennifer's death, as he had already served as first officer twice. Her death was such a profound blow, however, that it sent his life into a tailspin, and caused his career to stagnate. By the time Starfleet was ready to assume control of Terok Nor, Sisko had been promoted to full commander- one step from a captaincy- but he was so frustrated and unhappy with his life in Starfleet that he was considering leaving it behind.

Having served with Sisko aboard the Okinawa, Thomas Leyton understood the younger man's potenetial. As an admiral, he was almost certainly aware of Sisko's unhappiness with Starfleet, and recognized that offering a ship to someone wasn't invested in such an assignment would not be prudent.

Enter Deep Space 9, a space station built by Cardassia, located near a backwater, low-priority planet. Leyton likely recognized that recommending Sisko for this assingment was a low-risk move. Bajor was unlikely to join the Federation, so Sisko's leaving wouldn't impact the Federation as significantly as if he were commanding the Enterprise, or handling another assignment of great importance. However, if Sisko were able establish a rapport with Bajor- something no other Starfleet officer had accomplished- it would ensure him of a captaincy and restore his career to its original track.
Agreed. And the low-risk wasn't just for Leyton, but for Sisko as well. If it all fell through, it wouldn't have counted against Sisko because Starfleet didn't seem to expect much anyway. So in that sense, Leyton was really looking out for him while hoping the assignment would be just the kick in the pants Sisko needed to be prepared for his own starship some day.
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