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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

TheGodBen wrote: View Post
There are other reasons why I wish Odo had been a humanoid for this episode, because the fact that he is a Changeling caused me to think certain things that I never wanted to think. Odo presumably morphed up a reasonably accurate (if unusually smooth) nude male body. Did he spend hours on the internet researching what naked males look like, or does his knowledge come purely from those sexy crime novels he reads? Odo's clothes are a part of himself, so when Arissa inevitably attempted to lift his shirt off, what exactly happened? Did Odo just morph his clothes off? Odo doesn't have natural saliva, so when Arissa kissed him, did he just have an exceptionally dry mouth, or did he morph up some fake saliva, which then went into her mouth and returned to its gelatinous state? All these thoughts kept distracting me from the story, that wouldn't have happened if Odo was a solid.
You stopped at the saliva because you wanted to keep the review PG-13?

These are all very good questions that the show does its best to ignore. It's too bad that the show never fully explored the issues related to the nature of the Changelings, and treated them as humanoids way too often.

R. Star wrote: View Post
As for his shapeshifter anatomy? I'd think from the female's point of view a partner who can alter at will the size, shape and texture of certain portions of his body would have some sort of appeal. Though if Odo only gets off from turning into Jello, I'm not really sure what he's getting out of it.
I've wondered about this, too. How is Odo able to enjoy "solids" sex, if he is at all? And I dunno, from my point of view I'd have a problem knowing my partner can't feel any pleasure doing sex.

I'm so behind with this thread, I don't know if I'll ever get to catch up before TheGodBen finishes his rewatch, so I've just decided to tune in at this point.

BTW, since I don't want to open another thread that will die soon, I need to share with you guys this disturbing news: my best friend has finally seen all the Trek shows except ENT, and her favorite is... Voyager! She thinks it's great, and that the characters have great development (granted, she cites Torres, Paris and Seven, who do have some), she loves Janeway, and even thinks that Chakotay is wonderful with his spirituality and calmness. Her favorite character is B'Elanna Torres and she says she relates to her a lot and that she's a lot like her, which makes me feel awkward since I was always lukewarm to B'Elanna.
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