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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi, I'm new.
TNG was my first Star Trek series and is kind of special to me because I had to watch it illictly. I wasn't allowed to watch any TV as a kid. One day my mum went to the post office and my bro and me turned on the TV and there was this incredibly sexy, bald man stepping out of the turbolift...... Well, meanwhile it's turned out that my personality is quite similar to Picard's and I've gotten over the inappropriate daddy crush Anyway, my brother and me kept watching Star Trek secretly whenever my mum did the shopping and eventually we persuaded her to watch it with us.

I like most of the characters (including Wesley!). While Picard and Data would have to be my favourites, what I enjoy most is the interaction between the different characters. I'm currently re-watching TNG (for the 5th time?), so the jury is still out on my favourite episodes.
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